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  1. Eugene Senger

    Hi Mark, congratulations on getting you latest book published. I work as a volunteer at Quatrefoil Library in Minneapolis and noticed ‘Minnesota Boy, a memoir’ so started reading it. I also noticed that I may have missed your reading and book signing at Quatrefoil awhile ago. Drats. I liked your book and it resonated with me, although I didn’t get to Minneapolis until 1981 when I moved from Bismarck, ND after a 4-year tour in the very homophobic US Navy, where I was based in Alameda, CA for my last 2 years. I’m just 2 years younger than you so I could relate to many of the references you mentioned in the Twin Cities. And I especially like what you wrote about feeling closer to your dad now that he’s gone because he’s with you all of the time. That’s how I feel about my deceased parents too. I also liked the Afterword of your book and will try to find ‘Sex, Drugs and Disco: San Francisco Diaries from the pre-AIDS Era’ because I’d like to know about your rendezvous with Michael from Vienna over a Christmas vacation in MN. The part about you and Michael going separate ways after college was the most heartbreaking part of the book. I can relate to something like that too, but with an added twist about a bisexual partner who went on to marry a woman and have 3 kids. I’m starting to think I should take your mother’s advice; start writing and keep writing too. Best wishes for more books and have a Happy New Year in SFO, it is 25 below zero (wind chill) as I write this from Cathedral Hill in St. Paul. Brrrr.

  2. Dennis Carey & Bruce Taylor

    My husband and I have been together for 45 years, live in Minneapolis, and recognized your story as being parallel to ours. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Frank Claudy

    Hi Mark,
    please please please hurry to write Seersucker. I have inhaled all the other books of the Beach reading series and loved them all, except for book 6 where you got a bit too much carried away with the psychic/ghost story for my taste.
    So I hope there won’t be too much of it in book 8.
    And please make it available on Smashwords too.
    Kind regards

  4. J. Austin Edwards

    ACK! Where can I find these books? I’m ashamed to say the area where I live has ZERO copies of any of them! I feel like I live in a wasteland of censored books. HELP, please!

  5. Michael Maciolek

    Yes i follow your creations Tim and Nick and Ruth faithfully, I have all your books, This summer i have reread them the third time. There is no other stories that give one the feeling of Frisco since the Tales of the City was written in my youth. Now you bring back that wonderful time with more honesty and flavor.Each book is a treat , a window opens into our world that only one that was their can express. I visited Frisco many,many times beginning in the 70’s and I too was temped to stay.It was one place you could be proud. Please finish Seersucker ,I am lost ! what is going to happen to Tim & Nick & Ruth and the gang at Arts. You have a true fan here on the other side of the country. Do you know what pleasure your have given to so many of us when you bring back the magical days of the Castro, I have a beautiful large photo i took of the great flag with the sun and the fog it bring a smile when i look at it. thank you so much for your gift to bring it all alive once more.

  6. George Stewart

    I finished rereading LOVE ZRULES and saw SEERSUCKER in the back. I went on to buy it and not there. Now at this website see it is due out in 2014. When?
    I have reread 1 – 7 already.
    Great series. Showtime should do this series instead of Queer as Folk reruns

  7. Brian Shaffer

    I have been reading this series every Sunday for a couple of hours and have passed along each book. This has brought a lot of enjoyment and want for the next book, thanks for all the hard work.

  8. Jim Shoemaker

    I have so enjoyed reading all the books in beach reading set. I love the character development of each person in the books. I look forward to reading Seersucker when it is available.

  9. John

    Been to San Francisco three times and I just didn’t get it – no parking, insane traffic, etc. Then I hit this series and I can’t wait to go back and trace the steps.

  10. Brian Seago

    Amazing reading. Of course, I fell in love with San Francisco in 1988 on my first visit. I actually am one of those quirky ones who would love to hear the real stories you have to tell. Looking forward to anything you have to write. You are included along with John Grisham, Greg Herren and Josh Lanyan, just to name a few of my favorite authors. I would buy anything with your name on the cover. It would be a fantasy to meet you some day but that is probably just a dream.
    Good luck and take care.

  11. Leif Magne Olberg

    Greetings from Norway
    Like to read your books, I really liked the part with the afterlife, but Joe Cocker is still very alive, looking forward to book 7 and 8

  12. Morrie Johnston

    Love the website Mark. Managed to pick up 3, 4, 5, and 6 from The Bookshop, after falling in love with 1 and 2. A few tears near the end of 4 (I think because I was just so enamoured of the series and the characters. 5 was great and 6 is just getting meaty. And now you have 7 and 8 on the horizon. Good grief man, don’t you rest. Oops, I’m getting dyslexic in my dotage. The Anti Bot Code just bit me on the backside.

  13. Christophe Suranna

    Easy to say I am hooked on your great series. On Wedding Season and have the last one in print ready on the night stand. When might we see the remaining two books in print or available for download?
    Keep up the great work.

  14. Graeme Bosley

    We made the pilgrimage to San Francisco fron the UK for my 50th birthday and I read the article about your latest book review in the Castro Courier. I decided to download Beach Reading onto my iPad and needless to say I am loving it and can’t wait to read the rest of the series. It especially good to read the book whilst staying in the Castro and experiencing and seeing the places I’m reading about firsthand. Thanks Mark x

  15. Michael K Mlinar

    I live in Richfield MN. My husband lived in San Francisco for 12 years before moving back to the Twin Cities. Last spring I decided to start reading novels again (for fun) and Beach Reading was my very first. I have since read many novels and made it through youer first 5. I get most of my books at Quatrefoil Library. Once I finish one of yours I ask them to purchase the next. Looking forward to #6. They’re fun and engaging…thanks for helping me get back on the “reading” horse again!

  16. Jerry Johnson

    I have all of your Beach series and am impatiently awaiting the next one.
    Great characters and each is a great read.
    I usually donate my read books to the local gay library; but I’m keeping these for another read later.
    Keep up the interesting story line.

  17. Roy Rigdon

    I just finished “Wedding Season”. Loved it, as well as all the books in the series. I just couldn’t put them down and can’t wait for another and another. You are the greatest 🙂

  18. John Bartlett

    Just finished ,”Snowman”,after a friend gave me the series as a present,LOVED them all,looking forward to the rest…thank for bringing back,wonderful memories,of SF,for me.
    Cape Town

  19. John Glorioso

    Thanks for making San Francisco live in the imaginations of those of us unable to call her home! While I visit with some regularity, your books give me a “fix” when I’m jonzing for the city by the bay. Thanks Mark!

  20. Mark Abramson

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words and encouragement about the series. I’m sorry I’m such a luddite, but please leave me your email address if you’d like an answer to any question or “friend” me on Facebook. Thanks,
    Mark Abramson

  21. Alex Fauntleroy-Harris

    Have just ordered “Wedding Season” and can’t wait to dive in! Have totally, thoroughly enjoyed all previous! Living vicariously through Tim, Nick, Artie and the rest of the characters is so much a wonderful yet guilty pleasure! Total anticipation here for the remainder! Kudos! Best to ya!

  22. Jim Hogen

    great amazing characters, you’ll instantly feel like your apart of their lives and wonder what they’re up to when you finally put the book down (which is very hard to do). All four books keep you guessing and wanting more….brilliant writing from Mark…cant wait for book 5!

  23. Chad Clayton

    A Great big WOW!!!! and thank-you…I have enjoyed all 3 of the first books and am looking forward to the next!! You make me wish I could AFFORD to live in San Fran. ( Well, In the manner I do now in Dallas, Tx.) Keep up the GREAT writing and Hope to see ya in Next books!!!

  24. Todd Victor Leone

    I’ve read the three “Beach Reading” novels in Kindle format recently, one after the other. Having spent the past 31 years in San Francisco, I thoroughly enjoyed the novels. I’m very much looking forward to the next one in the series!

  25. David Smith

    Excellent writing! 17 days and three books read. Reading three books in that period of time was a record for me. Thanks for the limited characters, the great detail, and the mystery of what is lurking around the next corner. Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

  26. Dave Harris

    I have just finished the second in the series and am anticipating reading the entire. The characters, places, events and happenings makes one want to drop all and sojourn to San Francisco to discover and rediscover it all over again for the first time. Congratulations and my best to you!

  27. Nora Franch

    I enjoyed meeting and talking with you while I was in San Francisco. I’m ordering a copy of both books for my daughter (Kathleen)…and me. I’m charmed that my cousin KC Dare was mentioned in your second book. You’re a jewel both in writing and in person!

  28. Kevin Monhollen

    Thanks to Robin Murray (she told me about you) I just finished Beach Reading. LOVES IT !! Going online now to order the next one. Can’t wait to see what Aunt Ruth and Tim get in to!

  29. Beau Alexander

    Excellent! This really is good “beach reading”, seeing that it’s tagged along with me each time I’ve visited the nearest beach locale here in SW Florida! Eagerly anticipating future installments!

  30. Joan

    I just discovered the I can hardly wait to tell Lynne who died. I want you to know I’m getting my Kindle next week and yours will be the first book on it.
    Sisterly love. Joan

  31. David

    Nice to finally see your website.
    Best of luck with the other books….
    looking forward to their release.
    The first was such a good read !
    Was it autobiographical ?

  32. Kevin Varner

    Dear Mark,
    It was a pleasure spend wonderful time in your company this last visit to SF! I will begin reading your books as soon as I graduate from my Masters program…then I can start reading for fun again. I look forward to them very much, and hope to see you soon. Much affection, Kevin

  33. Owen Keehnen

    Hey Mark,
    All the best to you on this ambitious undertaking. It sounds like a true labor of love. The premise and bits as well as the comments here completely won me over. I just ordered my copy. Beach Reading sounds like a good anecdote to the pending Chicago winter.
    Owen Keehnen

  34. Phoenix Chris

    Hey Mark,
    enjoyed meeting you in the city’s Edge. I have begun reading the book and am enjoying it almost as much as you.

  35. Gary Borgstedt

    Hey: Congrats on this! I’ll definitely read it as I read a lot of gay fiction anyway. In fact, I read a lot of novels because I commute on BART to downtown Oakland M-F.
    See ya at the Edge….

  36. Barb Gard


    I feel just like Aunt Ruth basking in her pride and admiration for Tim. I know how much time and effort you have devoted to these charming stories and I look forward to reading many, many more. Lots of love.

  37. Louis Voccia

    Hey Mark,
    I’m glad to have been able to read some of your writing over the past few years. I could see that you are talented, and I’m proud of you for sticking with it. I hope this is only the beginning for you – another beginning that is. Take care and congratulations.

  38. Joe Arevalo

    Mark, we are so happy for you. Barb gave us the news. Wish we could celebrate with all of you. Joe and Jens, Fankfurt, Germany

  39. Philip Buchan

    Hey Mark,
    I really loved the book. Tim is sweet and has nice friends. I think I figured out where Arts is. Can’t wait for the next installment!

  40. Charlie LeVan

    I just started “Beach Reading” and love it already. Can’t wait for the rest in the series….my love and congratulations to you, Marc.